Core Range Mixed Pack of 330ml Cans

Core Range Mixed Pack of 330ml Cans

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4 x Gweilo Pilsner
4 x Gweilo Wit
4 x Gweilo Pale Ale
4 x Gweilo IPA
4 x Gweilo American IPA
4 x Gweilo Stout

Gweilo Pilsner is a refreshingly modern take on a classic style. A late addition of Hallertau gives a unique floral and fruity aroma. This works in harmony with the pilsner malt base and crispness from the yeast, creating a vibrant, crushable beer. 
ABV 4.2%   IBU 25

Gweilo Wit is our take on a traditional Belgian wit beer. A low bitterness allows the banana, clove and spice notes from the yeast to take centre stage. This light and refreshing wit beer is ideal in hot weather.
ABV 4.2%   IBU 11

Gweilo Pale Ale is a light, citrusy pale ale. We use Cascade to create an intense tropical fruit aroma. This is followed by a crisp, refreshing bitterness which doesn’t linger, resulting in an extremely drinkable pale ale.
ABV 4.5%   IBU 38

Gweilo IPA is a session style beer, perfect for the heat of Hong Kong. It is intensely dry hopped with Mosaic, creating a bold nose of melon, citrus and pine. This is nicely balanced by a malty backbone, delivering an IPA punching well above its weight.
ABV: 4.8%   IBU: 50

Gweilo American IPA is a tropical hop bomb. We use an insane amount of Simcoe, Chinook and Eureka to create a juicy, citrus explosion. The pale malt base of this IPA allows the hops to steal the limelight and fire up your taste buds.
ABV: 6.0%   IBU: 60

Gweilo Stout is decadently rich and full bodied whilst remaining sessionable at 5.5%. The unique blend of malts delivers a coffee and chocolate profile with notes of almond. This compliments the creaminess from the oats, producing a deeply satisfying stout.
ABV 5.5%   IBU 35